pondělí 26. února 2018

The official Warframe convention TennoCon is back for a third year, tickets go on sale this week

For its third year, TennoCon is happening this July: it's a convention for fans of Warframe, and it will take place on Saturday, July 7, in London, Ontario (did you know Canada had a London too? I definitely didn't). Tickets go on sale this Wednesday, February 28, with a Digital Pack for those who can't attend following, on April 3.

Did you hear, Warframe is getting a new open world hub? It's on Venus, you can click through for the first look at it.

Warframe ostron translation Digital Extremes

There's four tiers of tickets, which range from $30 CAD (roughly £17 or $23.60 USD for those in the UK or US) to $1000 CAD (£565 or $788 USD), the latter of which is called the Limited Legendary Ticket, which includes, well, a lot. The four ticket tiers, and everything they include, are:


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