pondělí 26. února 2018

Final Fantasy XV's PC demo is out now, and it's 21GB big

All of those tech demos, hints, and beefy rigs that show off all the new technology in Final Fantasy XV's Windows Edition have led to this: the day when you can finally try it out, and realise that your PC probably just can't handle it.

We kid, but really, the Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition demo is out now. It's 21GB big because it includes 4K textures by default (although these are only turned on if your hardware is good enough), and includes the first chapter of the game, albeit without sidequests.

Here's what we hope the fans will be making in Final Fantasy XV when mods get underway, our wishlist for everything that mods should add.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Demo

That means you can meet all the good boys of Final Fantasy XV, the strangely attractive mystery old man who introduces himself to those boys, Final Fantasy XV's Cid, and definitely-not-fan-service Cindy. We promise, she's definitely not fan service at all.


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