pondělí 26. února 2018

Medivh and Sonya reworks, plus police skins, are coming to Heroes of the Storm very soon

Hot on the heels of them being mentioned in a recent developer Q&A on the Heroes of the Storm YouTube channel, reworks for two of the game's characters, Medivh and Sonya, have been shown off in an in-development blogpost and pair of YouTube videos. They're likely to hit the game's PTR this or next week, alongside a series of cosmetics for S.T.O.R.M.: Specialized Tactical Operations and Rescure Missions. Basically, a bunch of cops.

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Heroes of the Storm Medivh and Sonya Update Art

First off, though, the reworks. Both are shown in videos, so here's the first (larger) rework: Medivh.


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