pátek 8. června 2018

The best Dota 2 heroes for beginners

What are the best Dota 2 heroes for beginners? There are, at the time of writing, 115 heroes in Dota 2, all of them appealing and exciting in their own unique ways. But choosing the right one, or the right combination of them for your team, can often be the difference between winning and losing, or at the very least, between struggling and cruising. As a beginner, this can make Dota 2 incredibly challenging, especially considering the lack of guidance the game offers you. 

All of the heroes play a very specific role in battle. Some of them can be played in multiple roles, sometimes even within the same game. To do well at Dota 2 it is important to understand what these roles are and how they interact with each other. But it is equally as important to realise that a hero’s role should inform how you play them and the items you purchase.

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If you’re finding these basics a touch confusing, don’t worry: so did we when we started playing. But now we’ve learned the strategies behind a great team, we can provide you with advice to help you choose the right character, and understand their position in the five-player team.  

Best Dota 2 heroes

Here are our picks of the best Dota 2 characters:


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