pátek 8. června 2018

Astralis is handling the pressure of being ECS5 favourites, according to gla1ve

Astralis go into the ECS Season 5 finals as the firm favourites today, and in-game leader Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander is feeling pretty confident. Speaking to PCGamesN during the media day at Wembley yesterday, the 23-year-old birthday boy discussed the team’s preparation ahead of their match against Cloud 9. 

“I think we deal quite well with the pressure of being the favourites, and have done for the last couple of tournaments,” he says. “Right when we won DreamHack Marseilles, we have been the favourites to win almost every game we went in to, so we have been dealing well with it.” 

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“We have a sports psychologist helping us talk as a team, which really helps as well. It is mainly team sessions right now, but we have had individual sessions in the past, and it is really good. I actually think this team is really aware of what is going on around them and we are really open about talking about what’s going on in our heads, as well as talk about how we want to set ourselves up in our matches, both individually and as a team.

Credit: DreamHack Marseille 2018

“We were definitely one of the first teams to use a sports psychologist, and now that people see how we are doing, they’re realising they should have one as well.”

The Danes, who won DreamHack Marseilles while only dropping a single map, have impressed with their recent run of success. Gla1ve attributes this in part to their confidence on every map. 


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