čtvrtek 7. června 2018

Fable 4 release date, gameplay, trailer, rumours - all the latest details

It looks like Fable 4 is real and coming to PC. If that’s true, it’ll arrive against the unlikeliest of backdrops, with its original creators scattered to the four winds, and the series mostly dormant for the best part of a decade. Not to mention the spotty history of platform choice which meant that the series’ finest hour, Fable II, never left the Xbox. But thanks to the efforts of a new developer and Microsoft’s new policy of releasing first-party exclusives on Windows 10, we’re now confident that chicken chasing is back on the schedule.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about Fable 4, but we’ve got enough to start working out what form it’ll take. In the absence of an official announcement, we’re leaning on plenty of rumour and some of the sleuthing we’ve done ourselves into job listings.

Join us while we dig through the details, discuss what’s likely, and gush openly about what would be wonderful to see in Fable 4.

Fable 4

Hey, we didn’t think we’d ever see this one happen. We’re enjoying it.

Fable 4 release date

Fable 4 release date


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