čtvrtek 7. června 2018

Dauntless gets 1 million players in just two weeks

The Dauntless open beta has been a solid success so far, judging by the player counts developer Phoenix Labs has just revealed. Over one million players have joined the hunt since the launch of the beta just two weeks ago, marking an impressive start for the PC-exclusive Monster Hunter-like.

More precisely, 1,064,484 Slayers - the game’s player characters - have been created since the open beta’s launch on May 24, setting a pace of over 50,000 new users joining daily. The delightful infographic the developers have provided also tallies 6.3 million hours played, 5.8 million Behemoths slain, and over a billion dodge rolls executed.

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Not a bad start for the game’s early version, though its zero-dollar price tag and the disappointing delays for Monster Hunter: World on PC certainly help. Dauntless isn’t a one-to-one clone of Capcom’s popular franchise, though there’s certainly an intentional amount of shared DNA between them - you take on the mantle of a Slayer, take down Behemoths in cooperative hunts, and use the spoils of those battles to craft and enhance your gear.

dauntless player count

The open beta for Dauntless is still ongoing, so you can head to the official site to download the client and use our Dauntless tips to get slaying - or, perhaps, peruse some of the other statistics.


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