středa 6. června 2018

Behold the ‘Chicken Dinner’ PUBG keyboard… and a $4,500 alternative that could kill a man

Chinese keyboard manufacturer, Varmilo, is on the show floor at the main Computex hall showing off its specially designed PUBG keyboard, the ‘Chicken Dinner.’ The company manufacturers all its own keyboards and so can change the keycap designs at the drop of an S1897 shotgun, and that means it can create some rather special alternatives.

The ‘Chicken Dinner’ - apparently a love letter to all gamers - offers three different setups, from a compact TKL design, a standard 105-key layout, and a textured design with four extra keys. And for those PUBG gamers who can’t count up to ten, Varmilo has ditched the numbered keys in favour of weapon icons.

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You’ve also got a choice of eight different Cherry MX switches, so you are getting a quality mechanical keyboard behind all those iconic keycaps. There are the classic black, blue, brown, and red, and also red and black silent switches, as well as MX Clear and Speed options.

Varmilo PUBG Chicken Dinner keyboard

We don’t know the price of the ‘Chicken Dinner’ yet, but you know the old adage: if you have to ask… you’re a fool with more money than aesthetic sense. But then if that description does fit you then Varmilo has got an even better keyboard for you, a $4,500 one.

Varmilo Ti keyboard


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