středa 6. června 2018

AMD is "definitely bringing 7nm GPUs to gaming" but not necessarily with Vega

AMD officially announced its Radeon Instinct Vega 7nm graphics card during its Computex live stream in the early hours of this morning. This will be the first 7nm GPU from the company, and primarly a machine learning card, but AMD CEO Lisa Su also promised gamers a slice of the 7nm pie.

Sadly, AMD’s CEO Lisa Su already crushed any glimmer of hope for a 7nm Vega card intended for gamers this year. The latest news straight from AMD confirms that, while multiple 7nm products are in various stages of validation and assembly, only server-side Radeon Instinct and EPYC servers will be getting the 7nm treatment this year.

Can’t wait until 7nm in 2019? Don’t worry, here are the best graphics cards of 2018.

The Radeon Instinct Vega 7nm card is intended for machine learning and AI applications, and is intended to be a very powerful tool for compute tasks. Equipped with a massive 32GB bank of HBM2 memory and dedicated inference-enhancing operations, the card is designed to massively accelerate machine learning inference and work with massive datasets.

AMD 7nm Vega GPU

AMD showed off the 7nm Vega graphics card within a Cinema4D, and also touched on developments of AMD’s very own ray tracing libraries and rendering tech.

AMD is touting the 7nm process as offering double the power efficiency, and more than 35% greater performance from the last 14nm transistor process node - although these are the blanket figures from TSMC and GlobalFoundries regarding the two companies entire 7nm portfolios.


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