úterý 5. června 2018

Asus, Samsung, and MSI are fighting it out for the super, mega, ultrawide crown

Asus has bought along a host of new monitors and a ton of TUF products with them to Computex 2018. The monitor giants are expanding their gaming and professional ranges, even taking a leaf out of Samsung’s extremely ultrawide book.

The Asus VG49V is a 49-inch, 144Hz, Adaptive Sync, ultrawide monitor ready to take on the likes of Samsung’s C49J89 or CHG90. It seems to be almost identical in panel specs to the Samsung models. But Asus aren't the only manufacturer with an ultrawide on the way, MSI are also showing off another near-identical monitor at Computex - completing a three-way standoff of epic proportions.

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There’s also the rather strange console-focused CG32UQ monitor. This is a 31.5-inch 4K monitor, technically built for console-gamers looking for a more compact experience than a living room TV. It comes with Adaptive Sync, HDR10 support (DisplayHDR 600) and Halo Sync lighting.

Asus VG49V ultrawide gaming monitor

And lastly in the monitor space, there’s the Asus ProArt PA34V. As you may have guessed, this is intended for professionals, but who can say no to ridiculous colour accuracy. This ultrawide 1440p monitor may not all that bad for gaming, either. The PA34V has a 100Hz refresh rate and will support Adaptive Sync.


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