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AMD is giving Threadripper 2 moar cores and a top TDP of 250W

AMD will be upping the core-count on its upcoming Threadripper 2 processors when they launch in August. Motherboard and cooler manufacturers have been working on new products to comply with the chips' new specs and are adding in extra energy headroom to cope with the demands of what is surely Threadripper 2’s extra cores.

MSI has been displaying its latest X399 motherboard, from the Creation range, at Computex today and, when we spoke with representatives from the motherboard division, they explained to us the company needed to change the spec to a 19-phase digital power design. This was necessary, we were told, because MSI expected Threadripper 2 to arrive with more cores than the first-gen design.

Want one of the best processors for gaming? Cores you do...

MSI couldn't give any specifics in terms of the extra Threadripper 2 core-count as, in the creation of the X399 Creation, it had only been working with the pre-release power spec AMD had provided them. But we also spoke to the chip chilling folk at Be Quiet, and its Dark Rock Pro TR4 cooler has had to up its game to now cope with a 250W TDP.

AMD Threadripper specs

That’s because the top of the range new AMD Threadripper chips will come come with a TDP of 250W. The original 16-core Threadripper 1950X only has a TDP of 180W by comparison, which makes it a TDP rise of nearly 40%.

MSI X399 Creation


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