čtvrtek 26. dubna 2018

The best superhero games on PC

The world has comic book fever. Look around and you’ll see it: everyone’s BIFF-ing and POW-ing each other out of the way in hunt of the best superhero games. People with towels pegged to their shoulders dive into stores, searching with non-X-ray-vision for the best DC games, while those swinging a red, white, and blue painted bin lid peruse the internet for lists of the best Marvel games. 

And look, you’ve stumbled over such a list, oh mighty Captain Trash-Can. Here are a whole five great superhero games you can play on PC, just in time for Avengers: Infinity War.   

Don't adhere to Batman's anti-gun policy? Try the best FPS games on PC. 

Best superhero games

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Best superhero games Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2


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