čtvrtek 26. dubna 2018

Far Cry 5’s greatest pleasure isn’t vigilantism, it’s fishing

In Far Cry 5 you can steal people's weed right out of their homes and become a neighbourhood drug vigilante. Or, if violence is more your style, you can go full Rambo with your bow and arrow in the mountains of Hope County.

Here's why Far Cry 5 doesn't make for a good battle royale game.

Far Cry 5

These are a couple of examples of the more fractious ways you can play Far Cry 5. But it doesn’t have to be all drugs and death - one of the less conspicuous activities that Montana’s peaks and valleys have to offer is fishing. A number of players have swapped their rifles for rods in Ubisoft’s shooter to spend a significant portion of their time stood still before a lake.


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