pátek 27. dubna 2018

Gamers care about skill, not gender, according to new study

Gender stereotypes in gaming are a thing of the past. That’s probably not news to anyone, except it is according to a new study conducted by Dell. The results of a survey of 5,763 videogame players from across 11 countries showed a near 50/50 split between male and female gamers, and only 12% of those surveyed were teenagers. 42% were married, 15% had a partner, and 52% had children or stepchildren.

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While 14% of those surveyed still care about the gender of opponents they faced in games, the vast majority do not. 47% of participants has a female friend who plays videogames, 29% has a sister who does, and 21% say their daughter does. 25% of teenagers say they wanted to “create a more welcoming environment for female players.” 


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