pátek 27. dubna 2018

Frostpunk has sold 250,000 copies in 66 hours

Frostpunk might be grim, bleak, and responsible for turning Julian into a ruthless dictator (see our review below), but it's also very popular. Developers 11 bit Studios have just announced that the game has already sold 250,000 copies.

As promised, here's our Frostpunk PC review.

frostpunk pc review

It took 11 bit, who developed the also grim and bleak This War of Mine, just 66 hours, or slightly more than two and a half days, to reach the milestone. The upshot of that is that we'll definitely be seeing more of the game in future. In a brief statement on Twitter, the company's CEO, Grzegorz Miechowski said "Yes, we had plans for the expansions and now we're 100% sure we are doing that." Miechowski also said there would be free updates to the game going forward.


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