čtvrtek 1. března 2018

The 4 elements you need to make the perfect sports CCG

As a veteran of the Panini sticker album and Topps trading card days, card collecting game modes in sports games hold a special place in my heart, and there is a fine selection to choose from at the moment. However, as a quick glance at their respective subreddits and prominent YouTube or Twitter accounts will confirm, every mode across that selection is also deeply flawed.

So what would the perfect CCG mode look like in a sports game? Let’s take the best components from a number of different games and stitch together our own Frankenstein’s monster of a mode.

Want cards without the sports? We have the best card games on PC.

FIFA Ultimate Team

NBA Live Ultimate Team’s welcoming nature

NBA Live Team

NBA Live is the runt of the sports game litter - not only having to compete with NBA 2K18, but also every other EA Sports title.


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