čtvrtek 1. března 2018

Help bring these excellent Dark Souls and Final Fantasy companion books into English

Third Editions is a French publishing house (not videogames, but books /about/ videogames) which has produced several high-quality companions to some of the very best RPG series in gaming. Bad news: they’re in French. Good news: there’s a Kickstarter campaign - with a highly achievable goal - aiming to translate them into English, for those of us 

Which of these other great PC games would you like to learn more about?

Third Editions have published over 40 titles in French so far. Informed by three concepts - creation, universe, and decryption - they are deep dives into a game’s development, and a discussion and analysis of their lore and themes. The current Kickstarter concerns the following three books, which have already been hits on the French market:


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