čtvrtek 1. března 2018

Overwatch's loot box system isn't as innocent as it seems

With October well underway, games far and wide have been busy setting down the pumpkins, hanging up the cobwebs, and showing off their spooky side. Overwatch has quickly become the biggest name around when it comes to themed events, with Halloween Terror’s 2017 return being one of its most exciting.

Want to know exactly how Overwatch's loot boxes work? We have a huge breakdown with stats and numbers just for you.

Overwatch loot box

Eager to get my hands on some ghostly goodies, I fired up Overwatch last week and cracked open the first complimentary loot box to an unfortunate, if predictable, sight: four measly pictures, two for my profile and two for the wall. No new spooky skin, not even any in-game gold, nothing. With that, my enthusiasm was dead - a stark reminder that Overwatch is still tied down with a joyless drop system.


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