úterý 6. března 2018

Nearly 5,000 years of Fortnite have been streamed on Twitch - in two weeks

With 45 million players and counting, it’s perhaps not too surprising that Fortnite’s doing pretty well in the streaming game too. In fact, it’s been confirmed as the most-watched and most-streamed game on Twitch.

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Fortnite Battle PAss

According to Twitch analytics site SullyGnome, in the last two weeks alone, Fortnite has been streamed for a total of 249 years. To put that in perspective, 249 years ago, America was not yet a country. If that sounds like a long time ago, consider the fact that in the last two weeks, people have watched Fortnite for a combined total of 5,014 years. To put that in perspective, 5,000 years ago, humanity had just about learned how to write.


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