úterý 6. března 2018

Fear Effect Sedna shakes up the action-adventure series with a whole new perspective

Sedna, goddess of the sea, is the most frequently depicted of the deities in Inuit mythology. One interpretation sees her as a giant, canine-humping goddess with an insatiable hunger - a craving so potent that it caused her to devour her parents’ arms and be cast from the pantheon.

This myth was born from real-life experiences on the frozen wastes, where the scarcity of food sometimes led to families being forced to cannibalise their loved ones. Sedna is a god moulded from the social anxieties that grow from such a horrific situation, the fears that have been passed down as a result.

Fear Effect Sedna is on our big list of indie games to look forward to in 2018. Have a look at what else is on the way.


Fear Effect Sedna

Fear, as the title suggests, is at the core of Fear Effect, an action-adventure series which began on PlayStation and whose third game, Sedna, is being developed by Sushee. It seems fitting, then, that indie developers Sushee have replaced the pseudo-Chinese mythology of the original games with Inuit mythology in Fear Effect: Sedna, their isometric take on this cult series.


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