středa 6. června 2018

Overwatch patch notes, v1.25: Symmetra gets her rework and 'Damage' heroes are here

Overwatch patch 1.25 is taking shape on the PTR as we speak, and it's a doozy - headline news is a fundamental rework for Symmetra that makes her more deadly and enables her to cut the map apart with a dramatic new ult, but there's also a very sensible reorganisation of the hero select screen.

Elsewhere, Doomfist and Orisa get buffs to their ults and Doomfist to his passive shield regeneration, making him more mobile and more hardy. Horizon Lunar Colony - one of the more divisive maps for some time now - has also had a pretty thorough shake-up. Read on for all the details.

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Overwatch Patch 1.25 Release Date

There's no official release date for patch 1.25, but PTR cycles tend to last two to three weeks and to end on Tuesdays or Thursdays - though the regularity with which Blizzard adhered to this rule of thumb in the game's early days has fluctuated a little just lately. The 26th of June is a reasonable bet.

overwatch symmetra rework

Overwatch Patch 1.25 Symmetra rework

Overwatch Symmetra


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