středa 6. června 2018

"Because of the backlash" the GPU industry can now survive the next mining craze

The GPU mining days aren’t over, but the gaming graphics card industry isn’t as vulnerable as it was 12 months ago. It was this time last year when I sat down with Sapphire at Computex to talk about the resurgence of cryptocurrency mining and about how a relatively new coin, Ethereum, was stealing away stock of all our AMD-based cards. And one year on, what has changed?

“I think we’re sort of over that bump,” Sapphire’s Adrian Thompson told me at the show. But even though he predicts that GPU mining isn’t going anywhere - Ethereum doesn’t want to give everything over to the ASICs - the company has taken steps to separate out its gaming and compute-focused cards.

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“We’ve made sure we’ve separated,” says Thompson, “because of the backlash from our gaming community - and we listen to that - we had to separate it out. We can satisfy both demands. There was the point we couldn’t, but the spigots were opened and now we can.” 

Genesis Mining AMD GPUs

To that end Sapphire has been working hard to ensure that it is creating the same number of gaming-focused cards as it always was, while now also creating a separate stream of GPUs specifically designed for the miners.


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