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Heroes of the Storm: Yrel, Alterac Pass, Echoes of Alterac - everything we know

Blizzard has announced the latest addition to Heroes of the Storm and it may not be what you were expecting. Speculation has run wild in recent weeks over who the new addition to the Nexus could be, with many surmising that it could only be Overwatch’s ultra-cool hacker Sombra. However, these theories have been dashed as, after much fan demand, Blizzard is bringing World of Warcraft’s Yrel into the Heroes of the Storm universe alongside a new battleground and event, adding a plethora of new content to the MOBA.

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Yrel is a Draenei paladin who hails from the Warlords of Draenor storyline. Her new Heroes of the Storm form is one of the most diverse combatants we have seen in the Nexus thus far, adding several new dimensions to the flow of battle. Meanwhile, the new map, Alterac Pass, adds new objectives to make games more nuanced than ever before.

We caught up with Blizzard to get the lowdown on all the new content heading to Heroes of the Storm.

Echoes of Alterac release date

The newest wave of Heroes of the Storm content, which includes new skins, mounts, sprays, and other cosmetics, is going live this summer, with an exact date to be clarified. 

Heroes of the Storm Yrel

Role: Melee Warrior


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