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Destiny 2's fall expansion is called Forsaken, here's what it's probably about

Destiny 2's big fall expansion will be called Forsaken - or at least, so it seems, according to a brand new teaser trailer.

The full reveal is due tomorrow at 09:00 Pacific (17:00 BST), but there's already a fair amount we can glean from the teaser. For one, it seems that we're returning to the Reef - the home of most of the Awoken race, who were devastated by the events of the original Destiny's Taken King expansion. The teaser shows Cayde-6 and an indeterminate Guardian - most likely a player character, modeling some new Hunter gear - transmatting into a ruined environment built inside an asteroid and shrouded in purple fog. 

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That's quite clearly the Reef, which served as the original game's second social space. The teaser then concludes with a reminder of the reveal stream, a new golden logo, and one word: Forsaken.

That in itself is a pretty big hint. Chiefly, it points to a unique Fallen Captain named Mithrax, the Forsaken, whom you may remember from the Chances and Choices adventure on Titan. 

Destiny 2 Forsaken icon

Mithrax is an uncommonly clever, non-hostile Fallen, whose existence is especially interesting after voice lines mentioning an alliance with the Fallen were datamined. A second datamine has Ikora mentioning the House of Dusk - a new Fallen house who worship the Darkness. 


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