čtvrtek 26. dubna 2018

Overwatch's reworked Hanzo can get on the point in 10 seconds

Blizzard might have replaced Hanzo’s least popular ability, but it looks as though they might have added something equally annoying to his kit. A gif posted to Reddit shows how abuse of his new abilities on the PTR sees Hanzo get to the point on Lijang tower in under ten seconds.

Blizzard say getting Brigitte to counter the dive meta "was certainly a goal."

By carefully using his new Lunge ability, the Hanzo in the gif, which you can watch in the link above, can effectively remove the ability’s cooldown entirely. Through carefully managing this cooldown, as well as facing sideways for a moment as he activates it, he’s in through the window on the Lijang tower point in just a hair over 9.8 seconds, allowing him to headshot the unsuspecting Zenyatta he comes across while he’s there.


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