čtvrtek 22. února 2018

Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s technical problems undermine the historical illusion

Social tensions are escalating in the town of Rattay. The largest city in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is stretching to breaking point. It has become a safe haven for a flood of refugees from the recently ravaged town of Skalitz, a hilltop beacon promising stability and security. Rattay’s denizens are united in their reluctant acceptance of this, but it has not prevented the poor souls from being pushed to the very edges of the city’s ample fortifications. The desperate have made their pitiful makeshift nests in whatever ditch or hidey-hole to which they can cling, an eyesore best kept out of the way.

This upsetting sight comes early in my shift as a town guard. My temporary partner-in-preventing-crime, a man they call Nightingale, introduces me to this prosperous settlement. He takes me to the squalid surroundings of these erstwhile Skalitzers after being forced to deal with one of their number transgressing their open-air quarters to plead for food. She will not be the only errant beggar to get their marching orders today.

Here is why the saving system in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is good, actually.

kingdom come deliverance launch trailer

This scene should have been immersive. The circumstances my character Henry is witnessing at Rattay’s gates uncomfortably reflect aspects of our world today. The only problem is, when I first approached, beggars on bended knee were not just missing their homes, but their heads. I do not mean that figuratively, either: there heads had actually disappeared and not because they had rubbed the executioner up the wrong way.  


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