čtvrtek 22. února 2018

Hunt: Showdown is now available in Steam Early Access

Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown has been generating some buzz through a series of closed alpha tests, and now you’re no longer forced to track down a key for access - you can just buy your way in, as God intended. Hunt: Showdown is now available in Steam Early Access, marking the start of wide availability for the Weird West shooter.

There's plenty of time for things to change, and Hunt: Showdown could learn a thing or two from Monster Hunter.

hunt showdown steam early access release date

You can pick up the game now for $29.99 / £25.99 / €29.99 on Steam, and you should bear in mind that price is set to increase in time for the game’s final launch. Crytek expect the game to remain in Early Access for about 12 months, depending on the scope of changes they decide to implement based on community feedback.


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