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Vampyr skills guide - all the blood-soaked abilities revealed

Vampyr, the London-set gothic game from Dontnot, casts you as a creature of the night during the darkest days of the city’s Spanish Flu epidemic. As a vampire, you have access to a variety of blood-soaked abilities that will aid you in your travels around the most dangerous districts of the city. You’re not the only fanged beast hanging out in London, so you’ll need to be prepared to hold your own against vampires, vampire hunters, and other less obvious threats.  

Vampyr’s skills are split into two categories: active and passive. Active skills include specialist attacks, defensive abilities, and ‘ultimate’ moves, while passive skills reflect your health, stamina, and how many items you can carry. 

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Your abilities and skills can be upgraded by spending XP, earned through the completion of quests, killing of enemies, and drinking the blood of major characters. While the former two activities will provide a steady stream of experience points, the latter offers a massive boost that provides enough points to upgrade numerous skills in one go. The trade-off is that murdering a key character for XP can send a district into disarray, so you need to carefully consider if the potential fallout is worth the experience gain. 

Vampyr skills abilities

Active skills


  • Base skill - You drain your own blood to heal normal and aggravated damage instantly. 
  • Upgrade option 1 - You trade more blood to heal yourself instantly and gain an additional boost on your health regeneration. 
  • Upgrade option 2 - You trade the instant health gain for a greater regeneration.




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