čtvrtek 7. června 2018

Those Battlefield V system requirements are incorrect

The Battlefield V system requirements that were posted last week were not accurate, according to one of the game’s community managers. Dan Mitre says that those requirements were simply a “placeholder,” and that official system requirements for the the game would be coming soon.

It’s not entirely surprising that the requirements posted last week weren’t final, because, as it turns out, they were exactly the same as those from 2016’s Battlefield 1. While I don’t imagine they’ll be drastically different, it would be odd to see absolutely identical minimum specs for two games released two years apart.

After Call of Duty: WW2 made it onto our list of the best FPS games, did DICE make the right call in returning to the 1940s?

As mentioned above, community manager Dan Mitre tweeted to say that “incorrect PC specs for Battlefield V were published as placeholders,” and that DICE “haven’t announced our minimum or recommended specs” for the game yet. Mitre encourages fans to stay tuned, while the system requirements on Battlefield V’s Origin page simply says “coming soon” 

Battlefield V art


While the 1940s is recognisable territory for DICE to tread with Battlefield V, a decent amount is changing for the series. For one thing, a new system called Tides of War will replace the premium pass, offering new story content every few months.


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