pondělí 4. června 2018

There will be a Hitman announcement this week - should we expect Hitman 2?

There’s a Hitman announcement on the way, though whether that means Hitman 2, Season Two, or something else entirely remains to be seen. The official Hitman account tweeted out a little teaser earlier today, promising something to be revealed on June 7.

That tweet says “Good afternoon, 47. The profiles have been uploaded. Your next target is...” That’s followed by a quick video that says “target incoming,” before following up with “access denied” and the “June 7th, 2018” date. All this is over top of a blurred image of a person - obviously most likely to be 47’s next target.

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What exactly does this mean? We’re hopeful it means Season Two, or whatever the next round of Hitman content is called. We know there’s a significant new chapter for 47 on the way, with IO Interactive having alternately called their upcoming project “our next Hitman game” or “Season Two.”

hitman 2

It’s not impossible that this will be a smaller content update, though IO’s already gone back to the well on Season One several times over with bonus episodes and the Patient Zero campaign for the Game of the Year Edition release.


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