čtvrtek 7. června 2018

Rainbow Six Siege Para Bellum: release date, operators, map - everything we know

After countless leaks and teases, Ubisoft have officially unveiled Rainbow Six Siege Para Bellum, the upcoming Italian-themed season for the massively popular tactical shooter. The new Rainbow Six Siege operation will bring a haul of updates to the game, ranging from a new secondary gadget and map buff, to balancing changes and quality of life improvements. But by far the most interesting additions are the forthcoming Italian operators and map.

To help you keep on top of all the announcements about Rainbow Six Siege Para Bellum, we’ve assembled this handy roundup of everything we know. So for all the latest information on Para Bellum’s operators, map, weapons, and release date, read on.

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Operation Para Bellum adds Siege’s 39th and 40th operators, signalling that the pool of Rainbow Six characters has now doubled in size since the game’s launch in 2015. Both Italian operators are defenders, mirroring last season’s duo of attackers, meaning that the sides are finally balanced out. There are now 20 attack operators and 20 on defence. 

rainbow Six Siege para bellum release date operators italian map

Rainbow Six Siege Para Bellum release date

Rainbow Six Siege Para Bellum will launch on June 7, Ubisoft has confirmed. As usual, season pass holders will have access to the new operators on day one, with non pass holders having to wait until June 14 to unlock them. Para Bellum was released onto the Technical Test Server (TTS) on May 22, so if you can't wait the last few days to play with the operation's new features, you can hop over there for a preview.


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