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Nvidia GTX 1180 GPU release date, rumours, and performance

When are we going to see the Nvidia GTX 1180? That’s the big question right now, but the new GeForce GPUs are in the works, bringing us the next generation of Nvidia graphics cards.

Nvidia is the only GPU crew to drop brand new gaming-focused graphics cards on us this year, with the GTX 1180 and GTX 1170 likely to be the vanguard of a new generation of GeForce GPUs. Or maybe they'll be named the GTX 2080 and GTX 2070 in favour of a more bombastic marketing opportunity... right now we still don't know. But there are things we do know about Nvidia’s next-gen cards.

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Nvidia hasn’t yet announced the naming, let alone the actual GPU architecture, behind its next generation of gaming cards, but we’ve still got a pretty good idea of the technology that’s going to be powering them and  now we're pretty confident they're going to be announced before August 20.

Nvidia GTX 1180 release date

Vital stats

Nvidia GTX 1180 release date
All the evidence is currently pointing towards a Q3 release for the new Nvidia graphics cards. Nvidia is presenting its 'next generation mainstream GPU' at the Hot Chips symposium on August 20, so they will either launch, or at least be announced, before that date.


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