úterý 5. června 2018

Leaked logo confirms Hitman 2

Update: it looks like Hitman 2 is on the way, with a leaked logo following the official tease.

It looks like the Hitman announcement that has been teased for Thursday is a full-fledged sequel: prepare for Hitman 2. That's according to a logo that appeared briefly on the website of new publisher Warner Bros, before being taken down.

The official Hitman account tweeted out a little teaser yesterday, promising something to be revealed on June 7. The tweet says “Good afternoon, 47. The profiles have been uploaded. Your next target is...” That’s followed by a quick video that says “target incoming,” before following up with “access denied” and the “June 7th, 2018” date. All this is over top of a blurred image of a person - obviously most likely to be 47’s next target.

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The new logo, which was quickly spotted by Eurogamer before being pulled, removes almost all doubt: we're about to see Hitman 2 (here's the logo's original URL if you're curious, or if you enjoy 404 errors).

Since 2016's Hitman reboot was brilliant, this is obviously great news, but the omission of the word 'season' from that title raises questions about whether its episodic structure will return. Personally I hope it does; it was an innovative way to present a game that encouraged several playthroughs of the same level while waiting for the next, immersing fans in the game and keeping them invested for months rather than weeks.

hitman 2

We've known for a while there’s a significant new chapter for Agent 47 on the way, with IO Interactive having alternately called their upcoming project “our next Hitman game” or “Season Two.”


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