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Just Cause 4: release date, multiplayer, and what we want to see

When is the Just Cause 4 release date? Rico Rodriguez is well overdue for a comeback. How is it, then, that we’re still waiting for confirmation that Just Cause 4 is in development nearly three years after the series’ third instalment? We’re sorely missing tearing dictatorships apart with an unbreakable grapple hook and only a new Just Cause game can scratch that itch. It’s no secret that Just Cause devs Avalanche Studios are busy working on a big new title, but is it Just Cause 4?

The Swedish developer is already busy with Rage 2 and Generation Zero, so it would seem that another triple-A title, such as Just Cause 4, is not on the cards. However, thanks to a series of leaks, including a pre-order ad that appeared on Steam, we know Just Cause 4 is real and in development. Unfortunately the ad is light on details, which leaves us with plenty of speculating to do.

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Join us as we dig up everything we know about Just Cause 4, from its potential release date and whether or not it will have multiplayer, to all the features we want to see from the next game.

just cause 4 release date multiplayer

Just Cause 4 release date

just cause 4 release date

We know that Just Cause 4 is in the works thanks to a leak via Steam of all places. For brief moment on July 7, 2018 a Just Cause 4 pre-order promo appeared on Steam showing series protagonist Rico Rodriguez looking off into a storm.


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