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Intel has just officially announced the Core i7 8086 CPU on sale June 8

This story has been updated as Intel officially announce the Core i7 8086K CPU.

Intel has just officially announced the Core i7 8086K CPU at its Computex press conference, going on sale on June 8 to celebrate the release of the original 8086 processor.

That first x86 chip had a clockspeed of just 5MHz, so the 8086K, with its Max Turbo speed of 5GHz is just a little bit quicker. It's going to run at 4GHz straight out of the box too, but you'll probably be able to hit 5GHz all-core without too much trouble on this binned CPU. The Core i7 8700K processors are regularly capable of such a feat - our sample hits 5.2GHz all-core - and these chips should all but guarantee it.

How does Intel’s i7 8700K stack up against the competition? Here are the best CPUs for gaming.

Intel is also committed to getting as many people in on the celebration too, and it is giving away 8,086 of the new Core i7 Anniversary CPU on its site. Check out www.intel.com/sweepstakes to check it out.

Intel i7 8086K

Previously British retailer Overclockers UK had loosely briefed its forum goers on the upcoming Intel i7 8086K CPU. In a post by Overclockers staff, the retailer outlined that it will be selling the anniversary hexacore chip for sub-£400, and that the company will be offered its own binning and delidding service for the chips once it goes up for pre-order on June 8.


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