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Destiny 2's Forsaken raid is the Dreaming City, and has more bosses than any before

As expected, Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion will add an all-new raid. Unexpectedly, Bungie took the chance to show quite a lot of it in tonight's reveal stream - usually it keeps a tight lid on new raids until they actually launch. Perhaps the break in precedent has been prompted by Destiny 2's struggles.

Whatever the reason, it's all quite exciting. The new raid is called The Dreaming City, and will take us to the home of the Awoken people - a few quick shots depict a kind of cosmic Rivendell, with elegant buildings scattered among rocks floating in a purple void. Raid design lead Joe Blackburn promises it will have "more bosses than any raid we've ever had before."

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On the reveal stream, Bungie devs compared The Dreaming City with Destiny 2's Dreadnaught raid and the Vault of Glass - the very first raid in the original Destiny, and still a fan favourite. We are promised lots of hidden corners and passageways, and intriguingly, we hear players will actually have an impact. Raiders will "change it for everyone" and the Dreaming City we see at launch won't be the same as the one we see three weeks later.

Destiny 2 The Dreaming City

As with most raids before their reveal, it's not yet clear how the Dreaming City will interweave with the rest of Forsaken's story. That will focus on a jailbreak from the Prison of Elders - a jail in the Reef that once held some of the solar system's deadliest criminals.

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