úterý 5. června 2018

Best graphics card 2018

What is the best gaming graphics card? The video card’s GPU is the heart of your gaming PC and here at PCGamesN we review and benchmark all the latest AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. So, should you go for a cheap graphics card or go all in for 4K? We can help… 

Of course if you want the absolute pinnacle of graphical prowess you could drop a cool $3,000 on Nvidia’s Titan V, but now the GTX 1080 Ti is actually starting to come down to a more reasonable price, serious 4K performance is actually within reach. Radeon fans might have hoped the AMD Vega cards would have made more of an impact on the gaming world, but they’re still too expensive and too slow to really matter in the final reckoning.

Make sure to pick the best CPU for gaming to go with your new graphics card.

But what should you buy right now? Well, with graphics card pricing starting to stabilise there is more choice than ever, though it’s still heavily weighted on the Nvidia side. 

Best graphics card

But whether you’re chasing a good, cheap graphics card, a top-end 4K graphics card, or just simply the best overall card, we’ve got you covered.

The best graphics cards in 2018 are:


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