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Activision characters in Heroes of the Storm "makes sense" says Blizzard

Update, June 7th: It's looking more likely that characters from Destiny and other Activision properties could appear in Heroes of the Storm.

In a Q&A for Heroes of the Storm's latest update, Echoes of Alterac, Blizzard again commented on the possibility of bringing characters from Activision properties like Destiny and Call of Duty to its MOBA title.

When asked if Destiny and Call of Duty now being part of Battle.net could mean that these properties would begin to appear in the Nexus, production director Kaeo Milker has this to say:

"That makes sense. We play those games and are fans of them. That relationship would definitely be helpful for that. But for now we are really focused on all this amazing blizzard content and honestly, the lists are so long of all the things we and the players want in Heroes, we would probably get a lot of flack from ourselves and some players if we went outside of that before we touched on those key areas that are absent from the game."

Heroes of the Storm is one of the best MOBAs.

Lead content designer, Matt Cooper, added that there is still a lot the team wish to explore in terms of lore, before widening the universe.

"I think you’ve also seen it with our first comic, we do want to explore what the Nexus is, who the heroes, villains and other characters are in that space," says Cooper. "So I think that is a really rich area for us to look at."

New Destiny 2 footage

Previously, Alan Dabiri, game director for Blizzard’s MOBA, had all but ruled out the appearance of Destiny 2’s guardians in the game, saying “right now we’re really just focusing on Blizzard. We have so many heroes, villains from all of our own universes. We have a list that never ends.”


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