pátek 27. dubna 2018

Two new Fortnite skins have been datamined

Update, April 27: Fortnite's latest update brough with it some brand new skins.

Dataminers have uncovered unannounced Fortnite cosmetics. Patch v3.6 added two new skins, as well a new emote, an axe, and a backpack.

Get a Victory Royale while looking sharp with the best Fortnite skins.

Brite Gunner Fortnite

The two new skins, which were uncovered by Storm Shield One are the Care Bear-inspired Brite Gunner, and the cyborg-styled Steelsight (which sadly won't help your aim, despite her bionic eye). There's also the distinctly Russian Squat Kick dance emote, and the Global Axe, which is literally a big globe on a stick. The backpack is the Steelcast, which seems to be a simple metal box that you strap to your back.


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