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The best adventure games on PC - from old-school point-and-clicks to modern classics

What are the best adventure games? From 1976’s text-based Adventure – that gave the genre its name – through the point-and-click golden age of the ‘90s up to more modern fare, few genres have endured quite so well. That multi-decade lifespan has produced some astounding titles, so it is certainly a struggle to narrow down a list of the best adventure games.

Hey there, adventurer, point and click your way to the best indie games on PC.

Best adventure games

Adventure games have prospered thanks to a focus on story and character. That, and a few tricky brain teasers, as opposed to violence set the genre apart. Characters usually get by through talking or thinking instead of resorting to fighting – though, Full Throttle protagonist Ben might have a few things to say about that. Here is our list of the best adventure games on PC, old and new:


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