čtvrtek 26. dubna 2018

Sea of Thieves had 2 million players in the first month, 283,000 on PC

Microsoft proudly boasted about Sea of Thieves’ initial success shortly after launch, calling it their “fastest-selling IP” of the generation. There’s no doubt a lot of people lined up to play the game at launch, but we were left wondering about the full implications of those numbers, especially with the game also being available with Game Pass. Now we’ve got some third-party reports to provide a bit more clarity.

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sea of thieves sales player count

Sea of Thieves saw 283,000 active users on PC during its launch month, compared with 1.7 million on Xbox One, according to market research group SuperData. However, they say “more than half” of those users got the game through a free trial of Game Pass, which certainly seems to rub against some of the assumptions around the launch week number.


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