středa 25. dubna 2018

Rend addresses World of Warcraft devs’ frustration with survival games

There is an enduring excitement at the prospect of being dropped in the middle of nowhere, naked and alone in the middle of the woods. I am talking about videogames, by the way - I am no longer allowed to discuss why I know that to be the case outside of games as well.

Regardless, survival genre devotees will be immediately aware of the game to which I am referring. Solomon Lee and Jeremy Wood, co-founders of Frostkeep Studios, have Ark: Survival Evolved’s crown in their crosshairs, and they’re using the lessons they learned while working at Blizzard to take it.

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“Let’s take EverQuest and make it better, that was basically the design doc for World of Warcraft,” Wood says. “Blizzard found all the things that really make it tick, sanded off all the rough edges, and borrowed things from other genres to make it something new, and that’s what we’re trying to do here.” 

This time, their riposte to the likes of Ark: Survival Evolved and Rust is Rend, the debut game for their fledgling studio.


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