sobota 28. dubna 2018

New games: The Thin Silence is an adventure game where mental health takes center stage

More and more, games are branching out and tackling tougher issues, asking questions where there aren’t always easy answers. The Thin Silence began as one kind of project, but wound up becoming a game that helped an indie developer address his own mental issues.

Here are some of our very favorite indie games on PC.

The Thin Silence screenshot

The Thin Silence is an introspective adventure game about Ezra Westmark, whose recollections include depictions of violence, depression, and self-doubt. As you guide him through these, you’ll find and combine items and solve puzzles using a kind of hacking system. It’s all rendered in a lovely, but haunting and gaunt, pixel art style. Its description says it’s a game about “enduring your worst moment and facing the next one.”


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