pondělí 30. dubna 2018

Making it in Unreal: perfecting the Motocross realism of MXGP Pro

When making a simulator, be it a racer or a football game, a commitment to realism comes with no shortage of pressure. With the slightest bug or most infinitesimal of glitches, players immersed totally in their passion will be pulled out of the experience. If a vehicle’s handling is a touch too light or an AI opponent behaves oddly, the illusion can be shattered.

What is even more demanding is when your game is targeted at the most hardcore of audiences, players who live and breathe the experience that is being recreated. That is the challenge that faces Milestone and their ultra-realistic official Motocross tie-in, MXGP Pro.

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MXGP Pro Unreal Engine 4

“This is the fourth instalment to the series and expectations are high,” R&D programmer Michele Caletti tells us. “Here we have to showcase some improvements based on feedback from fans of past editions of the game.” While Monster Energy Supercross - also from Milestone - was aimed at more casual players, MXGP Pro is resolutely for MX experts, and their demands are pushing the team hard.


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