pátek 27. dubna 2018

Is Warmind the savior Destiny 2 needs?

Destiny 2 has a problem. Released back in September, Bungie’s sequel briefly dominated the PC gaming charts. After its much-hyped launch, it appeared to deliver what we hoped for: a solid online sci-fi shooter that improved on the original. But it wasn’t long until cracks in Destiny 2’s armour began to show. 

Catch up on the Destiny 2: Warmind reveal stream with our round-up.

destiny 2 warmind release date crucible maps

A lack of meaningful endgame content along with missing game modes and poorly implemented microtransactions crippled the game’s staying power. While many hoped the first DLC - Curse of Osiris - would fix these issues, it failed to live up to expectations. Now those hopes rest on its follow-up, Warmind, to finally pump some energy into Destiny 2 when it arrives on May 8th.


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