sobota 28. dubna 2018

HTC Vive Pro review: VR elevated in every way... especially the price

Many people interested in virtual reality have been waiting indefinitely for the ‘second-generation’ of immersive headsets to arrive - hoping for vast improvements to the early VR setup. While the Vive Pro isn’t quite the 2.0 upgrade users are still waiting for - more like v1.5 - it offers significant upgrades to the core foundation laid out by its predecessor.

High-end VR headsets require equally high-end GPUs. Here are the best graphics cards on offer in 2018.

HTC Vive Pro

Early adopters have been quick to replace and upgrade parts on the first HTC Vive headset. Evidently, cogs have been in motion over at HTC to offer these simple yet fruitful upgrades straight out of the box with their latest tethered headgear. The result is the HTC Vive Pro, featuring all the comfort and quality mods, plus more - for a price.


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