čtvrtek 26. dubna 2018

How Subnautica's speedrunners worked together to beat the game in under an hour

When you think of speedrunning the survival genre probably isn’t the first to spring to mind. And there’s a good reason why. Survival games are often awkward to run, with many of them boasting a huge map to explore or relying heavily on chance for you to succeed. Despite the unlikely pairing, however,  there are entire communities devoted to speedrunning survival games, each of them demonstrating almost inhuman levels of skill.

Subnautica, the popular underwater crafting and combat game set on a hostile ocean planet, has got its own speedrunning community. These players aren’t content with sustaining themselves on bladder fish and enjoying the pretty coral forests for hours at a time. Instead, they’ve been working on finding the fastest possible route to the game’s end credits, bending the mechanics and glitches to their will.

Subnautica's underwater world is dangerous but it can be a place to relax, too.


Dutch Subnautica speedrunner Minkey is the current world-record holder (at time of writing) in the survival any% category with a run of 46 minutes and 13 seconds. He is also the former world-record holder among the hardcore any% runs. It was Subnautica’s obscurity among speedrunners, along with the quiet moments of repose between the desperate dashes through flaming debris, that led him to start running the game in early 2018.  


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