čtvrtek 26. dubna 2018

Free games: We have 1000 codes for the Defiance 2050 closed beta this weekend!

Trion Worlds are hosting a closed beta weekend for their upcoming massively multiplayer third-person shooter Defiance 2050 this weekend - from April 27 to April 29.

As we want to give you the chance to part of it we have 1000 codes up for grabs that will let you be part of this futuristic war.

Defiance 2050

If you haven't already been introduced to the world of Defiance through the first game then you're in for a treat with this follow-up. Defiance 2050 is set 20 years after catastrophic Arkfall event that left millions of Votans dead and Earth terraformed into a nearly unrecognisable post-apocalyptic landscape.  


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