pátek 2. března 2018

Why now is the perfect time to hop into World of Tanks

There is a good chance that, by now, you are desensitised to anything you hear about World of Tanks. The free-to-play behemoth is so ubiquitously slathered on ad boards across the internet that it likely fades in with the background static - alongside those crassly sexualised ads for clicker games and oddly visceral images of fruits that apparently contain the nutrients to reverse ageing.

But that is doing a bit of a disservice to the third most-popular free-to-play game in existence. World of Tanks has gone through plenty of iteration over the years, becoming more inviting to newcomers and veering away from its hardcore reputation. Now, on the eve of its big ‘1.0’ update, it is a better time than ever to strap in - assuming they wear seatbelts in tanks? - and see what all the ruckus is about.

Find out how the 1.0 update makes World of Tanks that much better.

World of Tanks

It is more than just tank porn

World of Tanks

I should clarify that when I say ‘more than just’, I do acknowledge that World of Tanks is very much tank porn, to an extent. In the way of 3D modelling, it is as much a tank sim as Euro Truck Simulator is a lorry sim.


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