neděle 4. března 2018

Overwatch's Widowmaker is getting a free Kerrigan skin for the StarCraft 20th anniversary

To celebrate StarCraft’s 20th birthday, on top of the short film that’s been announced (link this!), crossover events are taking place across Blizzard’s games, with Overwatch getting by far the best deal - a brand new skin for Widowmaker. 

The big Overwatch announcement recently has been Brigitte: here's who she is and what she does.

March 31 is StarCraft’s 20th anniversary, and so Widowmaker is getting her second StarCraft-themed skin: Kerrigan. It’s a pre-infestation Ghost Kerrigan, due to the difficulties in creating a skin that retains Widowmaker’s typical outline rather than looking like Mercy (as Queen of Blades Kerrigan, the form most people know, has large bone wings), and because pre-infestation Kerrigan was a Ghost, and Widowmaker already has a skin of the other famous Ghost, Nova.


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